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Fun facts about Me:

  • I am living my happily ever after with my husband Matt. We got married on New Years Eve of 2014.

  • I am blessed with twins (a boy and girl) who are my everything!

  • I am a dog person, but love a good cat cuddle, if that exists.

  • I have two bigger-sized dogs, Tyke and Tauser. 

  • I love strawberry banana smoothies at Caribou.

  • I don't drink coffee... Just give me a Pepsi.

  • I think running is great.... If you are being chased by wild animals.

  • I love cookie dough ice cream. It's my biggest weakness and will forever be my comfort food.

  • I love, LOVE helping women look beautiful in front of the camera.

  • I am a [third degree] Black belt in karate.

  • I teach swimming lessons because I love it and can't stop.

  • I prefer late nights to early mornings any day.