SENIOR Sessions

Senior Year! As a parent, you get the capture the last year your children will be in high school before they receive big first diploma! What an incredible feeling! Seniors get to have a fun 2 hour session doing what they love, smiling for the camera as they look back over the past 13 years they have spent in school. They've gained friendships, knowledge and independence! I absolutely love capturing their last milestone before they go off into the "real world" and become adults! 

As a senior, we get to capture your final year! You're the role model at school, and probably really excited to be graduating within the next year! It's our job, as photographers, to give you the best memories to look back on! Whether you get pictures taken every year, or this will be your first big shoot, we walk you through EVERYTHING. We talk about your hobbies, sports, interests, places you love, memories you'd like to capture, and of course, WHAT TO WEAR. Every session starts at 120 minutes and includes a fun time! You'll leave the session feeling excited and eagerly awaiting your amazing images. 

Senior Investments start at $300.