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Bringing you an Unforgettable  wedding Experience

Wedding Packages starting at $4,200

Franz Family August 8 2022 - Raw and Oak Photography (69).jpg

About Us:

  • We have a desire to serve and love our couples like our friends!

  • We are moving into an RV to travel and see the US!  We love the Midwest and still have family between South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin, so those are our "main" areas of travel, but we will travel wherever for the perfect couples! :) 

  • We have the most amazing twins. Max and MacKinley are 5 years old and the reason we started taking photos in the first place.

  • We love camping with our kids. Our dream (and goal) is to travel the US in an RV and homeschool our kids. (Hello dream in 2023!)

  • We met online and within 8 months, we were married. We had a whirlwind romance and it's been the best 8.5 years together so far!

  • We eloped on December 31, 2014. That's 8 years of marriage already! Wowza!

  • We love kayaking and being on a lake. So far our favorite lake has been Lake Sheridan in South Dakota! 

Fun facts about Teagan:

  • I am living my happily ever after with my favorite people.

  • I have a severe case of Wanderlust. I will travel for any reason. Literally, ANY.

  • Max tells me he's my best friend, so I'm gonna roll with it... Sorry, Matt.

  • I am a dog person, but love a good cat cuddle, if that exists.

  • Big dogs are my jam. My first love, Tyke was a Great Pyr/Lab mix who loved to bark.. At everything. He was also a 100 lb. lap dog who was afraid of rainstorms and loud noises.

  • Tauser is an English Springer Spaniel and is just the best behaved dog! He goes on a lot of our adventures!

  • I love strawberry banana smoothies at Caribou.

  • I don't drink coffee. 

  • I think running is great.... If you are being chased by wild animals.

  • I love cookie dough ice cream. I could eat this every day if my waistline could handle it.

  • I am a [third degree] Black belt in karate.

  • I prefer late nights to early mornings any day.

03- Teagan -Teagan Franz Photography.jpg
001 - Matt July 2022 - Teagan Franz Photography.jpg
  • My best friend use to be Teagan, but she's been demoted as MacKinley has me wrapped around her finger.

  • I'm a craftsman at heart.

  • The way to my heart is through a hot turtle mocha at Caribou, and Teagan knows it.

  • I would rather wake up early and watch a sunrise than stay awake late at night.

  • I'm the one who chases after Teagan to get all your important wedding day video coverage.

  • I can't say no to Taco Salad. 

  • I have a traveler's heart like Teagan. We will travel anywhere... As long as Teagan says we can go (and she packs all our stuff).

  • I can talk about Star Wars for days. And Star Trek. And Stargate. Okay... I really like Sci-Fi. 

Fun facts about Matt:

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