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A Spring Engagement Session in Wisconsin

It was a beautiful spring evening in Trempealeau, Wisconsin at Perrot State Park; Alex and Andrew came ready for an adventure. Alex and I met through the Wedding Tree Expo in La Crosse, WI back in January. When she reached out and said her wedding was on May 4, I instantly knew that it was going to be a super fun wedding. Andrew is a big Star Wars fan, and so is Matt. Needless to say, Matt and Andrew had plenty to talk about during our hike up to some iconic golden hour views on the Brady Bluff trail.

Alex and I had a great time talking about their next chapter after graduating this weekend - Yay! They are heading to New York for their medical residency and I am so excited for them to make the move and explore new places!

We started in their casual outfits before we changed at the top of peak into their more formal wear. When I say the evening was perfect, I literally can only show you how amazing the golden hour glow really was!

I mean.. LOOK at Alex’s hair! She has such a beautiful glow behind her!

Looking over the Mississippi River (and Minnesota on the other side!) it was so pretty! We had such a good time listening to them laugh. Every time we had Andrew go into Alex’s temple, she had the most adorable smile and laugh!

How stinkin’ adorable?!

I think my favorite part during their session was when they were sitting down on the path and we had Andrew whisper his Culver’s order into Alex’s ear as “sexily” as possible to make her laugh the most genuinely smiles! I don’t even know if she knew what he was saying, just that he was trying not to laugh while saying it to her!

We are excited for Alex and Andrew’s wedding next spring! Congratulations on your engagement and we will see you next year! Enjoy your residency until we see you again!



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