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Jenn + Rob's Engagement Session in Naples, Florida

What an incredible adventure to meet Jenn and Rob in Naples, Florida. Matt and I traveled with twin toddlers on a plane to meet Jenn and Rob for their engagement session. When Jenn first contacted me, I was so excited to talk with her and discuss wedding planning and hear her wonderful ideas for her big day! When I learned that they were traveling to St. Paul, Minnesota for their wedding to help accommodate her grandpa, I knew we had to travel to her for her engagement session! Jenn and Rob were so kind! You would never believe that they had only moved in a couple weeks prior to meeting! Their house was so beautiful and ready for pictures. ;)

Here are some of my favorites from their session, including pictures with their wonderful rescue dog, Wilbur! He was such a good boy, and loved all the treats we bribed him with! :)

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